Recommended AVR Fuse Settings

Here we will document the settings of the fuses in the AVR microcontroller that we recommend. If a fuse is not mentioned here, leave it in the default state.

Fuse High Byte

OCDEN7enable OCD1(default)
JTAGEN6enable JTAG0(default)
SPIEN5enable SPI programming0(default)
WDTON4watchdog timer always on1(default)
EESAVE3preserve EEPROM contents during chip erase0
BOOTRST0reset vector1(default)

Fuse Low Byte

CKDIV87divide clock by 81(default)
SUT15start-up time0
SUT04start-up time0(default)
CKSEL33clock source1
CKSEL22clock source1
CKSEL11clock source0
CKSEL00clock source0(default)