Data Fields

gps_parser_s Struct Reference

internal state of parser More...

#include <gps-parser.h>

Data Fields

 USART used for sending control messages.
uint8_t is_active
 1 if USART is active
gps_time_t time
 GPS timestamp.
gps_date_t date
 GPS date.
gps_degree_t lat
gps_degree_t lon
uint8_t num_sats
 number of satellites in view
gps_dop_t hdop
 horizontal dilution of precision
gps_height_t height
 height above mean sea level
struct {
   uint16_t   speed
   uint8_t   speedfrac
   char   unit
 speed over ground
struct {
   uint16_t   course
   uint8_t   coursefrac
 course over ground
struct {
   baudrate_t   baud
   uint8_t   frame_errors
   uint8_t   faster
   uint8_t   slower
 autobaud status
char * usart_name
 name of USART (copy)
struct {
   uint8_t   tcnt2
msg_timestamp [2]
 timestamping status
uint32_t msg_timestamp_ticks
 ticks count for timestamping
gps_sat_t satellites [MAX_NUM_SATS]
 satellite data
FIL * logfile
 file to log received bytes to

Detailed Description

internal state of parser

Field Documentation

struct { ... } gps_parser_s::msg_timestamp[2]

timestamping status

msg_timestamp[0] contains the timestamp of any received byte which matches the message start byte.

msg_timestamp[1] is set when the protocol module detects the real start of a message

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