File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
adc.h [code]Access to ADC and analog multiplexer
cb_list.h [code]Manage lists of callback functions
clock.cWall clock
clock.h [code]Wall clock
crc7.h [code]Implement CRC-7 as used in SD-Card command packets
display-font.cCharacter display functions
display.h [code]Mid-level display functions
eeprom-wl.h [code]EEPROM access functions including wear leveling
fifo.cFIFO implementation
fifo.h [code]FIFOs for use by USART module
font.h [code]Declarations for font description
fontlist.h [code]Declarations for available fonts
gps-parser.cInterface to GPS parser
gps-parser.h [code]Interface to GPS parser
hlog-hlog.h [code]
keys.cKey Scan and key debounce machine implementation file
keys.h [code]Key Scan and alphanumeric input machine header file
lh155.h [code]Low-level display functions
nmea_hl.cNMEA parser implementation
nmea_hl.h [code]Interface to NMEA parser
rtc.cRTC implementation
rtc.h [code]
sdcmd.cCommunication with SD card - implementation
sdcmd.h [code]Communication with SD card
sddisk.cInterface functions between FATFS and SD card I/O functions
sdtransfer.cSD card data transfer functions
shell-fs.h [code]Shell handling functions for file-related commands
shell.cShell interpreter and commands implementation
shell.h [code]Shell functions
sirf3.cDissect SiRF binary input message
sirf3.h [code]SiRF Binary Protocol handling
spi.h [code]SPI access
term.h [code]Simple terminal emulation on LCD display
timer.h [code]Functions for time measurement
usarts-recv.cGeneric USART access implementation - receive
usarts-send.cGeneric USART access implementation - send
usarts.cGeneric USART access implementation
usarts.h [code]USART access
usarts_int.h [code]USART access - internal definitions
usb-fifo.cUSB FIFO access
usb-fifo.h [code]USB FIFO access
vfs.h [code]
xpal_async32khz.c32kHz Timer Implementation
xpal_async32khz.h [code]Header for the async Timer Base Functions
xpal_bat.cBattery Management Routines for the eXPal Prototype A
xpal_bat.h [code]Battery Management Routines for the eXPal Prototype A
xpal_board.h [code]Basic Board Definitions
xpal_extmem.cInterface to external SRAM (init, check)
xpal_extmem.h [code]Interface to external SRAM (init, check)
xpal_noise.h [code]
xpal_power.cPower Management Routines for the eXPal Prototype A
xpal_power.h [code]Power Management System for the eXPal Prototype A
xpal_rtc.cImplement clock using the functions provided by xpal_async32khz.c
xpal_selfprog.h [code]
xpal_StatBar.cFunctions to control the Status Bar Display
xpal_StatBar.h [code]Functions and Definitions to control the StatusBar